I am a painter but to make ends meet work in architecture. I came to painting while earning my Bachelor of Architecture graduating in the class of 1997 from the University of Arkansas. That educational journey opened my mind to the world and the richness of culture.

My painting has developed as my confidence in my abilities has grown. I’ve made a lot of paintings that explore identity through colour and i am still finding ways of exploring this subject in this way. I use the primaries mostly, using blue to represent masculine, red for feminine and yellow as the balance between them.

I completed a series of what i’ve come to call Dot paintings that … well, i’m reticent about describing my work in any detail before the reader has seen some pieces. I have put a lot of thought into how i articulated the elements of the paintings and into associating those elements with ideas based on experience, investigation and observation but i don’t believe it is necessary to be aware of those ideas in order to enjoy one of my paintings as an image.

If the reader wants to know more about a specific paintings or the themes that link some of them do ask and i will share how i’ve committed my innermost musings to canvas.

My work in architecture has been much less fulfilling. I’ve come to specialise in housing and currently work for one of the larger firms in this specialism. Although my job hasn’t been particularly fulfilling i have had the opportunity to use and hone the design skills i developed at the UofA. My project at UoW seeks to explore how these skills and my painting can come together.

I’m a part time student so i get to spend two years exploring how art and design can work together, specifically through space and surface. I paint with acrylic on canvas and i draw with graphite and ink. At the moment i’m researching different ways of using these materials and will soon, finally, get the chance to actually make some work.

I’m a creative person so i’ve been feeling a little frustrated that a month into this MA course and i’ve really not made anything of note.



About Anna Sullivan

Anna Sullivan is an Architect and Artist with a particular interest in the the years between 1890 and 1904. Her architectural work is toward housing and heritage. Her art works are principally painting in oils and drawing in ink inspired by city, country and experience.
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  1. isabellahargrave says:

    Anna I do sympathise with your artistic frustrations, I am having to set aside my saturdays for studio work in a separate space outside college. I dont know how long it will work for especially in terms of family life but, my evenings are taken up with reading and reseach, and I know Iam not doing enough sketch book work, maybe

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