Project proposal

My project centres on the notion of word manipulation. I have been concentrating on embedding words, sentences and paragraphs that are evocative, philosophical or political, into word puzzles. I’m attempting to get into the mind of the audience. You might be seeing the word ‘youth’ but in fact it is part of a sentence pertaining to truth or lies. Indulging in word puzzles is an activity we choose to conduct while we are at rest, whiling away the time until a doctor’s appointment or as a distraction on a long journey. Advertising Corporations, especially in the USA have been using subliminal messages in tv ads for decades, it is illegal in the UK. In the 2000 presidential elections in the US the Republican National Committee flashed the word ‘RATS’ over Democratic candidtates Al Gore’s prescription drug proposal, being aired on tv. Bush denied any wrong doing. Did it work in persuading some voters to vote Republican?

Anyway the project is still in it embryonic phase. Check out my attachment.

My initial title is ‘Disturbing the Peace’ but I’m sure this might change.

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  1. sousanl says:

    Thanks Fergie

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