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My concept is based on memories that are absorbed by places and space over time. The timeline can be finite or infinite and the process involves the dissemination of the history of the site and its people and the relationship to the present. Although site specific I am currently looking at three strands and that choice will define the audience. My previous work has informed my choice of media which will be photographic and digital video based. one work was based on decision making and dream sequences using CGI animation of stills and projected onto the ceiling, the second investigated the excavation of memory over time and was a newsreel narrated timeline projected onto a floor installation (attached images). My current challenge is learning and experimenting with technology, Final cut and Motion and Mac, a huge learning curve that ensures I control the creati

ve direction. Also an evaluation of possible sites. Finally, I love new technology and processes, hate blogging ( I have a view) so this is a huge challenge. glenda e-tivity01

Hi I have finally set up my new Mac so now hopefully able to do the e-tivities

This is an addendum to my post in which I would like to download an image from the work of an artist and film maker that I am currently researching who is very relevant to my project, her name is Tacita Dean and her work looks for conections between past and present, fact and fiction. She also looks at connections between our private worlds and the objective word. This is a theme I have worked on in my own work when excavating found objects in my cellar.



this is the link, I hope it works. yes yes, finall, this is a still from her latest exhibition Wandermude.


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1661, Scientist ( Pharmacy, Laser eye Surgery) turned Artist working in photography, Video, Printing. Enjoys new technology and experimentation
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  1. glendaruczkowski says:

    Thanks for the links, I particularly enjoyed the Bill Viola link, the presentation of the site was excellent. Also the installation @media art has stimulated some ideas. glenda

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