experimenting with abstraction on film narrative in real space and real time

The aim of this project is experimenting with abstraction on Film narrative in Real space and Real time, as well as, experimenting with film techniques.  The final project to be exhibited in a public domain will be A video installation deconstructing, therefore abstracting, the timeline of a storyline to be developed during the first term of the course, creating a narrative journey through Real Space and Real Time.

It seems to me that the best definition of time I have ever heard is the one coined by Nietzsche, who stated that “time is the difference between the after and the before”. Therefore, the audience at their own pace, at their own timing, by walking through the space, from one projection to another, contrasting the sequences and sewing all the clues given, such as characters, actions, objects, colours and textures, will actively construct and create the narrative thread of the film, which is open to free interpretation depending on the set of connotations underlying the images.

The project will be shot on 16mm and DV which will allow me to develop a more personal methodology and style handling and processing film stock, exploring and learning new lab hand processing techniques.

At the moment I have been exploring the phenomenon of interpretation through the exercise of “Exquisite Corpses”, a very playful approach, in which with the collaboration of a group of friends, we have created at random collages out of cut-outs of magazines, to contrast afterwards the several interpretations that have arisen out of them, depending on the experience and backgrounds of the different participants of the game. Also, I am entangled between the lines of Rudolph Arheim’s “Visual Thinking”, as well as, “Music, Text and Music” by Roland Barthes.

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