Semiotics, Photography and Visual Culture


Signs and Symbols; nature and relationships of signs in language; syntactics, semantics, pragmatics.


From Dazed and Confused magazine

Miu Miu advert. Submissive woman. Well dressed but…

Sign for?

From Journal of Royal Photographic Society

Don McCullin. War Photographer.

A sign?

Mario Testino

Andreas Gursky


About Anna Sullivan

Anna Sullivan is an Architect and Artist with a particular interest in the the years between 1890 and 1904. Her architectural work is toward housing and heritage. Her art works are principally painting in oils and drawing in ink inspired by city, country and experience.
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One Response to Semiotics, Photography and Visual Culture

  1. jimbiddulph says:

    Hiya Anna,
    Theres alot to look through there! I’ll pick-up on the part that stood out to me.
    This is infact more a comment on the later post with the Baudrillard quote- but i couldn’t seem to leave a comment for that?
    The question of is fashion photgarphy real is what stood out to me. This is of course depend upon what we believe, but I think thats a how other barrel of monkies!
    i feel the simple answer is no.
    fashion phootgraphy places upon falsity more than any other form of photography in my opinion- even more than those pure ‘photoshop’ images out there- can’t forget the Kate Winslet incident and the many many more since which involve air brushing of the model and almost complete re-creation in some cases!
    i did however, find the EMPEROR MOTH images quite interesting on Dazed mag. They did infact seem to stray behond the usual fashion photography towards art. They may be read as a questioning of cloaking, veiling, covering and hiding the human form but then again they are clothes, and are avertised as clothes, so maybe not!
    I have just been reading through a Roland Barthes book called ‘The grain of the voice’ which contains essays and conversation with him, nicluding his own, and very early writings about fashion. It maybe of some use to you?

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