Concept For Project One (e-tivity 01)

Yes, my Project One is very pretentious… but its a challenge!!!

Practices Of Man & Media Superposition’s Part One:
A Film/Video Superposition

Quantum superposition is about the chance of what shall happen in a situation, yet it is unknown to us until the conclusion is placed before us. There is a math behind it. Removing ourselves from the maths of the quantum superposition we are left with ‘reality’ of it. Thus when this position is imposed, or forced upon us it becomes unknown. We have not recognized the situation we where in until it has passed. Or we are too involved in the moment to find out a conclusion, or we are too busy partaking in the moment within a choice to resolve a final conclusion. The conclusion is never known until it has happened. If a moment was to be created without a final conclusion, a fifty/fifty percent chance of resolution, what metaphysical and existential questions are we left with within our own existence?
In order to display this function on a mass level one must display its usability within a public domain, for example a scientific exhibition using the quantum superposition within quantum theory, but in this case a work of art.

‘Practices Of Man & Media Superposition Part One’ shall come under the medium of film and video. Covering simple metaphysical, and existential questions of what is ‘being alive’, or ‘how one is alive’ and ‘what is it to die?’ Simple questions, but with immensely complicated, and still unknown, answers. Also the major aspect of ‘what is the effect of man – media immersion?’ shall occur, as an analysis of how one is within a superposition – media connection.
The reason behind this is within the fiction of the video artwork itself – a superposition of being alive and dead coherently.

A filmed subject person shall be projected upon a wall, inside a darkened room, which in turn shall be recorded with a video camera. He or she, appearing in the projection, just head and shoulders, shall be the Reactionary. The reason the Reactionary shall appear with just head and shoulders is to guaranty the audience viewing the work realize this subject is within a media form. Whilst this projection upon the wall is being filmed the same subject person shall be interacting with the projection of themselves in the same room. The subject person outside of the projection, although the same person within the projection, shall be called the Initiator. This interaction will be in the form of a violent montage upon the Reactionary, by the Initiator, pushing the Initiator into the act of murder upon the projected film of the Reactionary. Although this work shall be a gruesome experience for a viewer, the content is not as extreme as one may think. Remember both characters within the work are the same person/actor. This, within a fictional content, induces the audiences into a question of who his dead?

The subject person, both Reactionary and Initiator are converged onto the same person, making the subject within the film alive and dead at the same time when the conclusion is delivered. This manufactures the audience into a superposition quandary, which in theory shall continue till the inevitable conclusion of the audience leaving their view of the work or, in the grand scale, to the end of their lives. The end of the work constitutes each viewer to the point of never knowing the conclusion of the fiction. Thus forever living in a superposition of this subject person being, in the fictional piece, alive or dead. The conclusion could only be one or the other, making it both at the same time, but only within the film.

Here is an example of the Quantum Superposition

(McEvoy & Zarate, 1999, p.146-q147).

McEvoy, J. P. & Zarate O., (1999). Introducing Quantum Theory. Cambridge, UK: Icon Books Ltd (p.146-q47).

(McEvoy & Zarate, 1999, p.106).

McEvoy, J. P. & Zarate O., (1999). Introducing Quantum Theory. Cambridge, UK: Icon Books Ltd (p.106).

If anyone has any thoughts on this let me know, because I always seem to miss out an important factor somewhere.


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Calm but clouded traveler, with a spark for creativity, but generally speaking about the casual drudge of modernity experienced by the mature young person stuck England.
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One Response to Concept For Project One (e-tivity 01)

  1. icebergfernandez says:

    Dear Hamlet:

    “To be or not to be: That’s the question”
    “To be and to be at the same time: That’s another question!”
    As uncertainty, doubt and choices are the essential premises for living.

    Looking forwards to seeing your work,
    Have a great weekend!

    William Shakespeare

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