spoof video

My project is using film clips to create a new film, the film clips will be collected in a wide range which include the films in different cultures and in different ares, so it will be a film combines modern and past, east and west. I always think this work will not be created in a serious way, I want it to be interesting and funny and entertaining enough.

Something inspires me recently is that spoof and spoof culture have been very popular on the internet, the object could be from video to text, from network to television, from classical masterpiece to heroic figure.there are various ways that people spoof things, for example, the classical dialogue in the film is dubed with varied accents, people using real film clips to create mocking send ups. some of them is the irony of the hypocrisy, some of them is the subversion of the authority,but most of them is just for fun. It’s quite controversial that people keep different point of views to the spoof works,but for me thay are just jokes, It’s a way for people to play out their own imagination and ideas. and I think it could work on my project, I will find the links between the different clips ,combine them in sequence to form a logical ,smoothly running story. the contrast of different culture and different time between the connected clips could produce a lot of fun.

The images I link are some visual works and fashion illustrations I did last year.



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One Response to spoof video

  1. elizabethosborne says:

    Your project proposal sounds full of potential for combining past/present comic spoof aspects of east/west and I look forward to hearing some of your project ideas. Also loved the fashion illustrations in particular the bottom left one that is really striking in it’s elegance.

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