I’m still struggling with the technlogy a bit. I can’t seem to find a way to transfer my posts so far into the Signs and Deconstruction page. Having them all accessible from a single source would make things much easier, and tidier.

Research progress has been good up to now but i’m now waiting for getting to the library again and then i’m not sure if i’m putting time into this at the expense of other classes. It could just be that because i’m not able to make the sort of progress i would like in the studio i’m using my time in other ways. It could be i’m going to have to accept starting some work at home a resign myself to having to struggle with it on the tube. But even that is fraught with difficulties, it’s only possible on wednesdays too as i can’t take advantage of the quiet travelling time because the studio isn’t open on the weekend.

Anyway, i had this idea to use Hans Christian Andersen to describe Deconstruction, or rather to begin the communication about Deconstruction. The idea being that to understand the story you have to understand the moral, or in the manner of Deconstruction understand the meaning behind the words.

In the meantime i stumbled across a link as i’m reading Donald Judd for my Project 1 research reference is made to an american philospher Charles S Peirce (d. 1914) who Judd read during the latter part of his career. Then reading around Derrida for tiip i find Peirce once again coming up because he wrote about Signs and Semitotics.

Anyway, it’s late and i’ve had a hell of a week.



About Anna Sullivan

Anna Sullivan is an Architect and Artist with a particular interest in the the years between 1890 and 1904. Her architectural work is toward housing and heritage. Her art works are principally painting in oils and drawing in ink inspired by city, country and experience.
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