e-tivity 02 (repost)

PLEASE NOTE: since you are busy and concerned with your presentations for project 1, instead of e-tivity 03 you have 2 extra weeks to finish e-tivity 02. remember: there is no session on the 14th, so we will be meeting on the 21st november. hope it all goes well!

Purpose: to search the Internet for art practice and theory blogs, to find those that may interest you. To find interesting and inspiring examples of the way art practitioners and thinkers are using blogging.

Task: search for art blogs by trying varied search strategies, for example using keywords as “artist blog” in google. Make a post in tiip’s blog and tell us about the blogs you found. It’s not enough to just post the link! You need to explain your search strategy, what interests you about the blog and the features used in the blog, and why you recommend it. At the end of your post add some reflections about the features used in art-related blogs.

Respond: come back to the tiip’s blog, read your classmates posts and choose one to visit their recommendations. Then come back and leave a comment with your feedback.

Task: Friday, November 16th
Respond: Tuesday, November 20th

Thank you and have fun blog-searching!


About paula roush

I am a Lisbon-born artist based in London, UK. I am the founder of msdm, a platform for art practices that are mobile-strategies-[of]-display-[and]- mediation. It is a platform for both individual and collaborative work, shown in the context of exhibitions, publications, conferences and teaching/seminars. I work with photography, archives, found material and performance through editing strategies that investigate notions of authorship, authenticity, history and memory. I am interested in publishing as artists’ practice and as platform to explore the intersections between the roles of artist, editor and curator. My current projects look at ideas of (re) production in the work of art, resulting in publications in several formats that encompass the hand-made, the print on demand and the ebook.
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