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Well – finally I have managed to locate some artist blogs that I actually think show the spirit of blogging at its best. Those that I have selected so far offer not only an insight into the process of individual creation – its highs and lows with reference to the execution of the artists’s ideas, but as a resourceful reflection of where their process of life is directing them. Thus they share influences, tastes, seeds of other people’s creative experiences and expressions of life, inviting us on a journey of connection….The blog is the narrative – an interesting way of telling stories with pictures, words and moving images.

Jafabrit’s Art


“Welcome to my blog, a cyber sketchbook and playground for the creative meanderings of an artist’s mind. ”

This blog I think is a good combination of writing, image and musings. I like the mix of her paintings, photographs, spontaneous sculpture and book making. She is presenting a multi-media journey of a very personal nature.

Also included were fun things like ‘Blogs I Visit’, ‘Links’ and ‘Recent Reads with Photos’ and the whole layout of the blog was in my opinion really well balanced and was easy on the eye – there was a sense of order and space ~ ~ ~ ~ s o that I could receive the information. It reminds me that to present one’s own work on a small screen – a lightbox with sound and movement potential, I must consider design – giving space to my work – allowing it to breathe. And yet conveying enough interesting in – formation to keep a visitor on my screen to sample more reflections of life. There is an art to

Another Company – Joachim Baan


Notes on Art, Design, Fashion and Technology “The illusion that next time it might be perfect keeps us going.”

I know it’s strictly not an ‘artist’s blog ‘ because of the commercial art arrow to his bow but to my mind this blog is certainly full of artistry. It has a great collection of visuals of other artists’ work from photography to sculpture and Joachim shares video clips, interesting pieces of technology, musical offerings – a complete art and media multi-blend. I am beginning to get a really nourishing taste of how creative blogs can get and that they are a complete and utter art form in themselves. They could get very addictive like their social network cousins – a shower of seeds and potential voyaging ~ spending hours composing blogs, a tailing off and bringing it into balance until the next wave of expression ….

I also really enjoyed the random books I could select from the library feature on his page. Again I felt relaxed accessing the information on his site. His sense of spacious style and simple commentary was refreshing. I have to say I just loved seeing the advert for Guiness, ” ” Tipping Point ” ” What a phenomenal piece of creative expression and ingenuity – it was beautiful! !and I had never seen it before.

I look forward to finding some new blogs to post later.

Blessings esther


About estherdeangelis

Hi fellow artists I have just discovered that my previous introduction doesn't appear to have loaded. Sigh! and I think it was a lot simpler - sorry folks. 'Art is Healing made Visible" Art has been a powerful ally and tool for self reflection throughout much of my adult life. At times it has taken me into another space where I felt galvanised by life. The process of creation has appeared to me to have been truly magical and a blessing. I have been able to reach out and invite something new and wondrous into the piece – something bigger and more life affirming than me. The same with music – through singing or drumming with others I can access and receive life in exciting, beautiful formations. For me, making art must be about my own journey of healing – moving in a process of transformation from powerlessness and fear to love and wholeness. Moving away from ‘not being good enough’ to ‘being’ and accepting the grace of life as it is in this moment. Along that creative journey I hope to share with and inspire others to a more expansive, loving and potent vision of themselves. Thus it is that I have chosen the theme of Mandala or sacred circles as my focus and catalyst for my art over the next two years. A Mandala is seen as a vehicle and map for the unification and healing of consciousness, used historically as a spiritual teaching tool for realising a sacred space and guiding meditation. I aim to explore some of the ways that the rhythmic and patterned use of colour, sound and form can have to transport us. Historically it has been used for thousands of years in many cultures across the world To date I have created a number of mandalas using digital montage and painted two large mandalas with enamel paints on the bonnets of my two art cars. Creating them I experienced something intensely ancient and yet new - of this time with contemporary materials. This is why I am interested in experimenting with ways of bringing the sacred circle / mandala into a contemporary context. I plan to explore video, some form of digital animation and sound as additional methods in my practice. I am also interested in researching mechanical mechanisms and motors for the rotation of pieces and attempting some form of sculptural or installation work. I would also love to incorporate two further passions of mine – dancing and music making – particularly singing and drumming. At this point my head is bursting with ideas and I feel both very inspired and overwhelmed by my research on this theme so far. I had originally intended that my project use as a framework, the system of the chakras or energy centres of the body. This is a map of the movement of consciousness developed in India over two thousand years ago. I have been working with it, teaching Chakra Yoga and developing a new dance practise, Chakra Dance for the past seven years. So I would like to address some aspect relating to wealth, sexuality, power, love, creatvity, purpose and spirit. I also work with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnotherapy and I have no doubt that these disciplines will influence my art. Guess what I am seeing mandalas and circles everywhere I look ....... Blessings esther
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