e-tiivity 2 artists blogs- Glenda

hi guys, Glenda

Here is my hopefully successful attempt at an artist blog . I found this on the V an A site and have also created a link on the del-icio-us site.

I am interested in this blog about the ‘World Beach project’ and i am going to take part in the activity. It is very reminiscent of the site specific work of Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long and is tenuously connected to my site- specific research for project 2. I have a favorite beach in France (see insert) and when I go over at Christmas I am going to produce an artwork and add to the blog. I like this blog site because it is interactive and activity based and about sharing creativity. most blog sites are purely ego trips and only about the artist and their work. This is one I can keep returning to as the work gets added to. I also think it is fairly innovative for the V & A.

the link is http://www.vam.ac.uk/vastatic/microsites/1395_lawty/wordpress/?p=90

My Beach is

The Beach in france


About glendaruczkowski

1661, Scientist ( Pharmacy, Laser eye Surgery) turned Artist working in photography, Video, Printing. Enjoys new technology and experimentation
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2 Responses to e-tiivity 2 artists blogs- Glenda

  1. Hi glenda

    thankyou for introducing me to this project and yes I really like the idea that it is open to all, encouraging a range of participation from all around the world (hopefully). It certainly has clear instructions which is useful to note should I consider interactive pieces such as this for the future. i like the concept of producing patterns with found stones on the beach. So simple and so effective. Whereas many may be put off by creating sand sculptures having been exposed to much sand building talent in the media, working with stones is something infinitely more manageable.

    i look forward to seeing your piece from france and will try to remember to take my camera if I should find myself pebble swishing on a beach in the uk in the next few months.

    blessings esther

  2. jimbiddulph says:

    Hiya Glenda,
    This is an interesting concept, and seems to tie in with some of the notions of Relational art discussed during tiip a few weeks ago. The examples seem to be very Goldsworthy-like, who has of ten worked with stones and their various colour ranges, as well as on beaches. However, I don’t think its the individual pieces that are the work here, but more the shared activity of creation and documentation. The instructions do seema little strict- will you consider breaking them a little when you create your piece? The photo you have taken contains a sort of stone (of the concrete variety!!) could similar man-made stone be used to put a twist on the exercise?

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