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Our e-tivity 03 was a continuation of 02 and so once more I have endeavoured to find individual artist’s blogs that satisfy my artistic appetite. Sadly I seem to have failed on the individual blogs despite a number of different type of searches including installation artists, new artist, uk artists and individual artist blogs.

However I have found blogs that I thought were very stimulating and might provide sumptious seeds of regeneration for our tired brains. There are three I would like to mention, the first of which New Art – notes on installation art, performance, theatre, cinema, painting, sculpture, digital art and more…….

This blog has a phenomenal mix of still imagery as in photography and video pieces and features work as diverse as Bruce Nauman’s illuminated Human/Need/Desire (at MOMA) through to Banksy. The critique of Banksy’s work in Art World says that the power of his work lies in the way it interacts with its environment and that obviously gets lost when you put it in any kind of gallery setting. Although I didn’t see the show referred to I am inclined to agree – it is his remarkable imagination and ascerbic subversive humour beautifully executed that make him one of my favourite living artists. Besides I get to see his work in archway and only just 2 weeks ago saw a new piece of his in bethnal green. I just loved the way he continued the double yellow line across the pavement to the blank wall to paint a huge flower. It really made me chuckle. Oh and I also was intrigued by the piece of video referring to visions of female beauty throughout the ages. It is a video montage of faces many of which are famous images from art history and are morphed into one another. In my opinion it really is a successful piece.

In the Digital art section there is a selection of animation from students and professionals alike and the fragile doll piece created by Andy Huang although not entirely original in conception is nevertheless delicate and rich. The blog also refers to software that is currently available and features posts from lesser known artists and illustrators as in the fairytale imagery. I really enjoyed the photograph of the tree wind turbine – isn’t it about time that wind turbines became functional sculpture ? As you may have surmised there is a lot of content with many exciting categories and blog entries for each, including responses

The second blog is

Modern Art Notes – Tyler Green’s modern and contemporary art blog . Once again an interesting blog offered by one person, an art critic (?) It features a critique of Liegaste con la Bora 1.5 the venezuelan film director. Two robot arms dip into soapy water and emerge with huge bubbles, exquisitely fine surfaces onto which are projected babies, people and animals. I liked the contrast between mechanical and organic, strong and delicate and the type of projection. Also featured was the AR Magic System, an augmented reality system which allows the viewer to swap their heads with that of the person standing next to them in front of the screen. The heads are shown gesturing in real-time on top of another body and remind me of some of the wierdness of Consequences. As ever the blog is presented with a white background and plenty of space between entries. It uses a relaxing, legible font in different sizes and modes to give structure and order to the information displayed. The mix of media is of course very appealing to the likes of you and me as fine art mixed media students.

The third blog is

Sarah Pearce file notes, comments and observations on art and architecture. Yes yet again I apologise I didn’t seem very able in picking home grown talent. However I liked the unusual selection of items she chose to comment upon and feature. In particular I really enjoyed the variety of paper sculpture presented in the form of paper pop up books, ranging from the spectacular work of Ron Van Der Meer to that of pop up books designed for children by David A Carter. Another thought provoking blog.


About estherdeangelis

Hi fellow artists I have just discovered that my previous introduction doesn't appear to have loaded. Sigh! and I think it was a lot simpler - sorry folks. 'Art is Healing made Visible" Art has been a powerful ally and tool for self reflection throughout much of my adult life. At times it has taken me into another space where I felt galvanised by life. The process of creation has appeared to me to have been truly magical and a blessing. I have been able to reach out and invite something new and wondrous into the piece – something bigger and more life affirming than me. The same with music – through singing or drumming with others I can access and receive life in exciting, beautiful formations. For me, making art must be about my own journey of healing – moving in a process of transformation from powerlessness and fear to love and wholeness. Moving away from ‘not being good enough’ to ‘being’ and accepting the grace of life as it is in this moment. Along that creative journey I hope to share with and inspire others to a more expansive, loving and potent vision of themselves. Thus it is that I have chosen the theme of Mandala or sacred circles as my focus and catalyst for my art over the next two years. A Mandala is seen as a vehicle and map for the unification and healing of consciousness, used historically as a spiritual teaching tool for realising a sacred space and guiding meditation. I aim to explore some of the ways that the rhythmic and patterned use of colour, sound and form can have to transport us. Historically it has been used for thousands of years in many cultures across the world To date I have created a number of mandalas using digital montage and painted two large mandalas with enamel paints on the bonnets of my two art cars. Creating them I experienced something intensely ancient and yet new - of this time with contemporary materials. This is why I am interested in experimenting with ways of bringing the sacred circle / mandala into a contemporary context. I plan to explore video, some form of digital animation and sound as additional methods in my practice. I am also interested in researching mechanical mechanisms and motors for the rotation of pieces and attempting some form of sculptural or installation work. I would also love to incorporate two further passions of mine – dancing and music making – particularly singing and drumming. At this point my head is bursting with ideas and I feel both very inspired and overwhelmed by my research on this theme so far. I had originally intended that my project use as a framework, the system of the chakras or energy centres of the body. This is a map of the movement of consciousness developed in India over two thousand years ago. I have been working with it, teaching Chakra Yoga and developing a new dance practise, Chakra Dance for the past seven years. So I would like to address some aspect relating to wealth, sexuality, power, love, creatvity, purpose and spirit. I also work with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnotherapy and I have no doubt that these disciplines will influence my art. Guess what I am seeing mandalas and circles everywhere I look ....... Blessings esther
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