Cosmopolitan Lovescape

I’m researching and experimentalising with how people feel different emotions in travelling places, especially hotels.

When I stay in travelling places I get completely different emotion and feeling with other places. Consolation, sadness, and emptiness…these words are come in to my mind when I stay in the places. Oddly, people are in same space, but they have got absolutely no connectivity. They only want to use the space for their need and leave quickly. 

“When we’re feeling sad and bored at home, one of the better places to head to is the airport. Not in order to fly – there’s no quicker way to hate an airport than to have to use it, but, rather, to admire it.” – Alain de Botton

My work involves video, film, drawing, photography and installation. And my main medium is video.  Nowadays I’ve been looking at John Smith and Chris Marker’s video works.

La Jetee by Chris Marker at Youtube

You can see my profile and previous interactive works on the web.

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