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About Anna Sullivan

Anna Sullivan is an Architect and Artist with a particular interest in the the years between 1890 and 1904. Her architectural work is toward housing and heritage. Her art works are principally painting in oils and drawing in ink inspired by city, country and experience.
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  1. ah, but there sgood…

    BECA gallery of New Orleans to Host First International Contemporary Art Exhibit

    New Orleans, LA – A new programme for emerging contemporary art has planted itself among the arts and cultural renewal of New Orleans, LA, a city which has historically been one of the most international of US cities. In the midst of the post-Katrina landscape BECA gallery is surfacing as a bridge by which emerging contemporary art flows between New Orleans and the larger contemporary art community abroad. The gallery is an 1100 square foot renovated warehouse space situated in the heart of the New Orleans arts district. It is located directly across the street from the Contemporary Arts Center and within close walking distance to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. BECA gallery will host 12 exhibits each year. Six exhibits feature local emerging contemporary art and 6 exhibits feature international emerging contemporary art.

    The gallery was founded by co-directors Melissa Roberts and Kurt Schlough as a place for both innovative local and international emerging contemporary art to grow and flourish in an environment that is accommodating to both artists and collectors. A unique component of the gallery program focuses on the introduction of innovative international contemporary art to the city of New Orleans and its surrounding region via physical exhibits as well as future virtual exhibits and exchange partnerships with other galleries and projects. The latter will serve both future local artist members as well as those artists exhibiting from abroad.

    The theme of the gallery’s first international exhibition is ‘Connection’ curated by Caroline Worthington, Curator of Art, York Museums Trust, York Art Gallery. She looks forward to her pioneering position and writes, “As BECA gallery’s first international curator, it seems to me that the theme of connections is an obvious choice to reflect the aspirations for their programme. Working from the UK, I’ll be weaving together those invisible threads that spin outwards from each of us, connecting you with each other as well as to BECA and me.”

    An Open Call to Artists has been posted at–1.html

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