better later than never

Hey all below is something i attempted to post in the first few weeks but was unable to do because, as it happens I appear to be technically retarded. I figured that although somewhat behind the flow of everyone elses discussion I’d stick it up here just to add something for now:

 I am continuing with further post-graduate studies to improve my skills base in a range of area, but also because I love being a part of educational institutions, because of the constantly new experiences and knowledge that surrounds the individual.

 I am chiefly interested in social and cultural theory because it is the what, where, when and why of our existance, it is our past, our present and our future. I think another thing I love about theory is that it is always opinion based and thusly, up for debate. Peoples opinions on people, places and things within social and cultural theory also lend to our understand ing and interpritation. It is for these reason I love all forms of culture and the social groups, organizations  and ideologies from which they grow.


For my project I am looking into Mexican Muralist such as Diego Rivera and the ideals surrounding this type of public domain art. It is rapidly changing my opinion on the role of art and media, and where and how we view cultural products. From this new learning together with old research into Situationism (specifically notions of the society of the spectacle) I hope to create a picture of contemporary life, perhaps post-modern. This work intends to acertain where we have been, what we are doing, and what the future holds for a spieces ever moving  forward…..well ever moving somewhere and thats my point. Are we moving forward, are we progressing, is there any real point or merit to the activities and goals we set for ourselves and occupy our time with.


Bill Hicks, Twain, Diego Rivera, Marx, Lefebre, Debord, Futurism, Dada, Situationism, Post-modernism, etc.

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