Artist Blog: Goto 10

I found this blog during my usual travels though the web. Its about musical, film, film/audio software design, music creators, etc. Its the kind of software I use to make backing tracks for my music, or whole songs, depends what kind of mood I’m in… also I used to be part of groups like this, and I kinda find it fun and interesting to keep up with the scene…

Anyway I shall tell you how I found it. I use random sound sequencing between songs on my musical tracks to keep the the tracks (or should I call them songs?) continuous on cds, or mp3s. I use some free audio software from a website called IXI Software (heres the link –

IXI Software had a link to this blog – Goto 10 ( which is for international film, musical or sound artist who put together meetings, websites, or musical outfits, etc. Its more of an ideas factory for a global network of these computer geeks, who make strange and abstract sounds mixed with film and other mediums.

Its like the blog we are doing, but what makes it really interesting is that the prime interest is in software which is FREE for all. It all comes under what they call Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) and digital art.

Just have a browse. See if anything inspires you… Here’s the web page again –




Oh! And if you think this stuff is interesting… This guy makes music this way –
Look at all the links to his projects,and other music artists. Its all made this way…




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Calm but clouded traveler, with a spark for creativity, but generally speaking about the casual drudge of modernity experienced by the mature young person stuck England.
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