Homi Bhabha on Hybridity

‘Hybridity is the sign fo the productivity of colonial power, shifting its forces and fixities; it is the name for the strategic reversal of the process of domination through disavowal ( that is the production of discriminatory identities that secure the ‘pure’ and original identity of authority). Hybridity is the revaluation of the assumption of colonial identity through the repetition of discriminatory identity effects.’

Homi Bhabha ‘The Location of Culture’ .

Baljit Balrow Self Portrait 1998

Baljit Balrow Self portarit 1998

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One Response to Homi Bhabha on Hybridity

  1. isabellahargrave says:

    Fasinating thoughts – led me to seek the dictionary definitions of hybridity, interestingly enough one definition suggests hibrida-“offspring of a freeman and a slave” which falls right into the centre of the argument offered. Perhaps it would be worth considering hybrid vigour or heterosis ie “the tendency of a cross-bred individual to show qualities superior to those of both parents.” (the concise oxford dictionary 9th edition ed Della Thompson, Clarendon Press Oxford 1995) This then perhaps is the path for the survival of society? Will we ever be truely multicultural? Do we celebrate difference? if we do then are we avoiding the nature of hybridity. So we may never be a truely hybrid race. This is surely an argument that shifts with the perceptions of time and experience, both personal and social.

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