Interactive blog networks

Interactive blog networks allow everybody publishing their work, getting feedback and information about events from the other peers, as well as, socialising and making new contacts.

The most popular and extended one at the moment is Myspace, which offers free space where art practitioners, professionals and amateurs, established and emerging artists, interact publishing their work; everybody seems to have a blog in Myspace, apart from their ‘official websites’, being aware of the advantages of the interactivity and the networking opportunities that it offers.

Browsing the page of an artist whose work you are interested in, it is very likely to be able to find other people you share interests and tastes with, finding new collaborators and new relevant information. By sending a friend request, being accepted and joining the friends list of an artist, you can send and receive, regular mails with information on performances, gigs and sometimes “secret events”, that they are not announced anywhere else.

As my tiip of the iceberg these days is to be adventurous, bearing an outline, a route, in mind but leaving space to spontaneity in order to discover and explore unexpected paths that I wouldn’t find otherwise, for this exercise I have decided to have a little Myspace adventure navigating the network to see what do I find on my way…

To start with, I type the keyword ANIMATION on the searcher. From the list of animators that appears on the screen, I decide to click on the icon of a link of an animator with a cute cartoon character on it, opening the blog of GLOBBLYNNE, that as her page states, is a 24 year old female animator settled in London, to whom I send a friend request.

In her colourful blog she includes her CV, as well as, her portfolio with clips of her work for music videos, in which she combines video footage with 2D Flash animation, and 3-D model stop-motion with live action footage.

Browsing the friends of GLOBBLYNNE, I find 4TALENT, which is the gateway to all Channel 4’s talent initiatives, which leads me to the Myspace blog of FUTURE SHORTS, a network where filmmakers can have their work seen on a largest platform in Europe.

Among the friends of Future Shorts, I find the Myspace Blog of SHOOTING PEOPLE , which is another filmmakers’ network where we can sign up and trade information with each other, find collaborators to work on each others’ films, hear about funding, calls for entries and competitions, debate the latest film/digital technologies.

Link that leads me to the blog of SALLY POTTER with clips of her new stage production of CARMEN for the English National Opera.

And so on. We could carry on and on with this little adventure through the web, endlessly, browsing, discovering, sharing and connecting with other practitioners that are open to new proposals and networking opportunities.

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One Response to Interactive blog networks

  1. Iceberg

    Thankyou for sharing with clarity your thoughts about ‘interactive blog networks’. I enjoyed your practical description of how it works and operates balanced with the obvious sense of adventure and potential that such a flowing and spontaneous process carries.

    I too, love the sense of mystery and unfolding of intricate information. The interactive network such as MySpace shows how networks appear to have an organic nature of their own and can be wonderful mirrors and vessels for creative birthing. I felt your example clearly illustrated such a potential pathway. Like the internet itself which is such a powerful vehicle for communicating visually and auditory rich facets of life we now have a new platform for the exchanging of ideas and visions, values and actions.

    However we must in my opinion be mindful that we balance this form of contact with other forms that connect us not only to ourselves, to our bodies but to other sentient beings. Life is absolutely for the exploration and discovery of how it moves through ourselves and others. I am all for using the technology at our disposal to be part of that process but I am aware how screen based information and action can exert a powerful grip on young minds.

    I am probably going off beam here but it seems I must remain as vigilant as I can to the mechanisms and intricacies of communication. How is media affecting my life and the lives of others in seemingly beneficent and lucrative ways? How does it limit us? How can it facilitate empowerment and nourish a glowing vision of life lived here on earth? Electricity is a miracle…. the internet is a miracle….network blogs are miracles ….and we like the earth and the stars are m..i..r..a..c..l..e..s

    blessings esther

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