3-D, the depthies, and a new direction

Hi All,

Over the Christmas period I began to rethink my project, the gloomy winter months had an effect on me and as a result I felt my ideas, directions and inspirations had begun to stagnate. Key to this realisation was completing my Presentation Commentary, this evaluation helped me realise that I had become too bogged down in theory. I felt my presentation wasn’t as clear as it could be, so I just wanted to share with you, and clarify, my intensions and new directions of experimentation.

In brief:

My project intends to look at contemporary life; analyzing key cultural products and their use and affectations and application as well the social idiosyncratic behavior that surrounds any cultural occurrence. From here I would then like to conceptualize an image of the future based on these actions, objects and ideologies. The project is basically an evaluation of the present day, and an investigation into the validity and relevance of our actions and investments.

My perspective is based on the theories of Situationism, and the idea of the Society of the Spectacle; the idea that contemporary society is little more than a shallow and continuously recycled version of itself and whose true meaning and direction has been lost in the complex semiology of contemporary culture and social values driven by Capitalist ideology and particularly it’s attitudes and inclinations of consumerism. The question is what type of world has this created and where will it lead?

I cringe myself at the adolescent angsty overtones this project implies, but hey, what can I do – I believe in it.

Diego Rivera’s work is still an influence, but perhaps as just a visual inspiration. I have recently been looking into 3-D stereo photography and the creation of anaglyphs. I am really excited about this direction, it allows me to hark back to the mid-1950s, the era of the consumerism boom, and all the while play with ideas of hyper-realities and the notions that something so heavily constructed can more accurately represent something that actually exists. The idea that 3-D adds more depth and reality to a fake image seems to link well with Situationist theory.

If your at all interested in how to make 3-D images check out this site.

http://www.the3drevolution.com/3-D Spectals

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