Artists blogs -first finds

Here is my ashamedly late entry for E-tivity 2, firstly I’d like to apologise to everyone who made an entry at the relevant and appropriate time. Hopefully I can still make some useful contribution to the group and our continued discussion.

This first link was one of the first finds for my first search of ‘artist blog’ on google. It is not a blog but an article entitled ‘Artist blogs: why every artist needs a blog’. Generally it focuses on the more commercial artistry and self-publicity and the idea of blogging as a promotional tool. I thought it was an appropriate starting link as it defines what blogs are and how they’re useful.


This next search relates to my research into the work of Diego Rivera and Mexican muralism. I searched for ‘blog mural artists’ and didn’t find what I was looking for. However it did lead me to Francesca Gavin’s blogged articles on the Guardians ‘theblogart&architecture’. This blog is less the working thoughts of an artist and more the critics of a cultural observer, but it did lead me to a piece on an Artist called the ‘Decapitator’; a guerrilla/vandal artists whose been reworking billboards around London to change their meaning. This relates greatly to the Situationist’s ideas of Detournment. I like this guys style and will look into it further

I’ll post my results as the search continues, I’ll also find some actual artist’s blog relevant and interesting in relation to my work.

Check out the article and the links to a flickr page to see some more work

Gavin’s Decapitator article

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