simulation/simulacrum review/opinion

The pictures of bubbles of fizz on the label on the bottle are enticing but they are no subsitute for feeling the bubbles fizzing against my teeth, the sound they make felt rather more than heard.

The two appraisals of simulation, simulacrum are five years old but still seem current. Much of the information they reference is immune from date concerns such as the thinking of Aristotle. But there’s a lot of it. The writing is proper and measured. The writing is dry and not engaging.

The initial portal is compelling. It is presented as if a series of doors opening on to rooms full of knowledge. It is clear and simple. But a bit dull.

The information is presented but perhaps a list would be sufficient. Conclusions would be best succinct. And finally, for me the web is as much a place of images as it is a place of text. Some images would be nice. 


About Anna Sullivan

Anna Sullivan is an Architect and Artist with a particular interest in the the years between 1890 and 1904. Her architectural work is toward housing and heritage. Her art works are principally painting in oils and drawing in ink inspired by city, country and experience.
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One Response to simulation/simulacrum review/opinion

  1. jimbiddulph says:

    I agree on the image comment!! More pictures please! I guess it is a common and yet ironic fact with visual art-based scholarly writing! Yet we all seem to be slowly falling into the same pitfall- I know I haven’t put any images on in a while, and yet I always analyse and explain through images. I will make this a new on-the-side aim for the tiip pages!

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