Site for Seeing

The Emory University page is a huge resource for Post-colonial studies. It is broadly organised as a book might be organised. It has the appearance of an early contributor to the World Wide Web. The navigation feels limited and the sheer volume of information overwhelming once the uninspiring threshold has been crossed. It’s intimidating.

 The Univeristy of Chicago site was, though flawed, more navigable and therefore more useful than this one. Both sites are very useful and of great help to the academic researcher or web-wandering curious however they could both be better suited to their medium.

Internet research is characterised by quantity in the first place. There are numerous sites that respond to, for example, a Google search on one’s chosen subject. In order to determine if a site is a good one the researcher needs to assess the value of each very quickly. Such assessments of these sites are difficult, our site should achieve this ‘hook.’ What benefit can our work be to others if it is difficult to engage with, or even appears to be difficult to engage with.

Of concern is that what we have as a group is research followed by discussion and only the research can be uploaded. The discussion is … nowhere. There is value in the discussion and surely this medium of the internet can present this better than any other meduim. Academic essays could then be presented as support to the presentations and discussions, as further reading. 

To be an engaging and valueable presentation of all our work our site could take the form of the widget of expanding headings featured on this page and the heading featured on this page,  a part of the website. If our entire site was constructed in this way with strong links between subjects in heavier type it could engage the researcher and facilitate connections between and within subjects. It could even set a precedent for other collaborative research projects. It does not have to be a sequence of pages between covers, it could be much more, it could be a new approach, a new opprotunity for sharing knowledge.


About Anna Sullivan

Anna Sullivan is an Architect and Artist with a particular interest in the the years between 1890 and 1904. Her architectural work is toward housing and heritage. Her art works are principally painting in oils and drawing in ink inspired by city, country and experience.
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One Response to Site for Seeing

  1. jimbiddulph says:

    I have not yet completed E-tivity 5, and am about to do it, however, I found your post interesting. I had not been considering the internet as a medium up until this point, but your comment has flagged this for. My immediate reaction to this was surprise at myself; I am always concerned with the attributes of the medium when viewing and making art, yet I had over looked the internet as ‘a medium’ with which to work with. However, this is undoubetly to do with the nature of its arrival, a time when I had just moved up into secondary school and it was seen as a new information-tank by all. In a sense I have been engaged in its development from the start, and yet have not engaged with its ever increasing potential, at least not consciously. From now on I will try to look at it differently. I guess I have become accoustomed to, and comfortable with the scholarly text, and expect this of an information/research website. And yet you are quite right, web pages can be made to be both informative and engaging, beyond that of a text book… I will go and do the e-tivity now and try and formulate my own ideas for our own collaborative research site….

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