Simulation/Simulacrum, Keywords site

The site is an interesting concept and it is always easier to critique, however I had some issues and possibly a different opinion to some of the feedback. I think the site is more excited about the conceptual format, and it is a good concept, than the execution of it’s content and context. I explored a selection of links that I either have an interest in and have some knowledge of, as well as the two set texts. Generic to all that I examined I found that often the blue links to be followed were often not relevant or intelligent to the context they were applied to ( a question is; do the authors link the words or is it automatic within the site?) In the two simulation/simulacrum texts I found both to have a paucity of references especially compared to other entries and neither used any references that were contemporary so for me the academic content did not surprise or inform could be compared to one of Wikipedia’s better pages. Comparing the two entries S/S (1) Devin Sandoz used his references to only to paraphrase and did not contextualise to contemporary media. I felt the essay had a poor construction and I need to go to the conclusion to understand his discourse. S/S (2) for me had more clarity and more considered own thinking, also more references and annotated notes, the style however was more journalistic than academic. She did attempt to contextualise more of the material but again could have cited more examples and then discussed them in relation to the theory. Neither discussed the theory in terms of the full range of contemporary media art work or original thought. What was interesting about the site is that like wikipedia it appears to be self regulated and there was not a consistent level of understanding or research across any of the keyword entries. So as an information or research interface it would be a lucky dip.


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1661, Scientist ( Pharmacy, Laser eye Surgery) turned Artist working in photography, Video, Printing. Enjoys new technology and experimentation
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One Response to Simulation/Simulacrum, Keywords site

  1. joeupton says:

    Hey Glenda, i agree with your assesment of the site format, neat but essentially not doing much at all.

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