Post colonial vs keywords

A comparison of two sites is consistent with Anna and Jim’s comments, in that the Emory site is very old fashioned in construction , however that does not detract from its clarity of navigation and use. It also states very clearly that that there will be limitations in links as it does not repeat what is freely available elsewhere. My thoughts are that the construction and navigation was like our own LRC infolink and it responded quickly. what I also liked was that the linkages were external and provided further linkages rather than the internal links of the keywords site and I felt a more robust research tool. The only downside was that in some sections the linked sites were fairly repetitive and limited however that was its caveat. I also liked the simplicity of the ‘how to cite our pages’ section.

By comparison although the Keywords site was more contemporary it was fairly simplistic with the only a few external links, its main interactivity was between its own content. It was easy to use, I found irritating to read with the distraction of of the moving words across the top of the site. I think it’s intended audience it more internal than the Emory site and I also found the lack of a consistent level of research annoying. I do like the collaborative approach that both sites have however I think they should both be constantly updated and monitored for quality of content if they wish to become an authoritative resource channel. I think there is a need for sites of this type and perhaps Google could fill this market gap on its ‘scholar’ site. My favourite site for a starting point is as it often has some good leads for research, however my preference is to use primary research sources and books for inspiration and use the web to validate.
Our own site is a challenge as we are currently only blogging in response to an e-tivity or to post a comment where we can assist someone’s research. I think the discussion sites for the topics should be utilised more and perhaps our essays published on the site after submission. I also like the use of linked http: sites.


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