Fergie @ del.icio.us.

I have noticed that my del.icios.us posting has not appeared on the blog. So I’m reposting it, along with my views of how I use the webpage.

My del.icios.us webpage is not going to be just a bookmark page that works within the Tiip blog, it is more of a ‘traveling notepad’ that keeps me up to date with general information I want and need. I guess thats the point of the whole sites agenda, but what makes it a really useful tool, which I now really on, is that I can receive links to other peoples del.icio.us bookmarks where I can find information from other websites I never thought of looking at. So not only is it a tool in itself, it is a tool I use to gain access to other tools. I do use it for artistic information, but I use it to keep up with current affairs, economics, and information I need for my travels.

I also like to think of my del.icio.us. pages as a communication device for others, so we can share information globally. It hasn’t grown it to that kinda of page yet, but its early days. So here is the link – http://del.icio.us/powerferg. Let us share what we find…?


About Calvin M Gayford

Calm but clouded traveler, with a spark for creativity, but generally speaking about the casual drudge of modernity experienced by the mature young person stuck England.
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