Performativity and daily life

The site is very slick and modern, my problem is I dislike these media type sites which promise but do not deliver. In fact this site illustrates succinctly the theory of one of the subjects within the site. Adorno is quoted ‘ that capitalism fed people with the products of a ‘culture industry’ – the opposite of true art- to keep them passively satisfied and politically apathetic’………he also suggested ‘that culture industries churn out a debased mass of unsophisticated and sentimental products which have replaced the more ‘difficult’ and critical art forms which might lead peple to actually question social life.’ (however because this comes from from a site I have no confidence in, is this true?)
The information in the site including the trading cards is reminiscent of those literary sites which summate the works of Dickens into three paragraphs for the illiterate. I would prefer to profess ignorance than mediocrity and painting by numbers, did the art of reading a book and creating your own understanding die out with the world wide web and Wickipedia? Discuss!!

The second part of the task is interesting, I am not prepared to go public with an example of performativity and daily life in my own practice and I will avoid the obvious example of Mathew Barney and ‘the Cremaster Cycle’.

My preference is to direct to the Chisenhale gallery site Here I both listened to Jaki Irvine speak and saw her exhibition ‘In a world like this’. Her multi-screen installation looks at the world of birds of prey at a sanctuary, here she captures the daily relationships between the handler and bird when at rest in private behind the scenes. Then there are the performances which are for the paying public and here the birds and handlers perform daily, different roles which are front of house staged performances. Her work and the nuances of role play that she delicately handles are subtle and reflect our own performativity in daily life.


About glendaruczkowski

1661, Scientist ( Pharmacy, Laser eye Surgery) turned Artist working in photography, Video, Printing. Enjoys new technology and experimentation
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