E-tivity 04/ Keywords of Media Theory

I found the site Keywords to Media Theory well designed and comprehensive. It does not have any distracting graphics making navigating through it easy and seamless. Keywords within the texts are highlighted in blue and connected to definition links. Overall a very good, imformative sight. Regarding the two essays on simulation and simulacrum-in my view the first essay by Devin Sandoz, although started off interesting, contained convoluted academic speak conjuring up an image of a dog chasing its tail but never getting anywhere. Joanna Topor essay is the opposite a lot easier to understand and comprehensive. More contemporary, contextual examples would have been a bonus but the examples given served their purpose. Referencing was good although Devin’s bibliography left a lot to be desired. In both essays there was no existance to websites or links that could backup the arguments ie http://orbit.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/gallery.html.

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