performativity and daily life

Some would say that performativity is in everyones’ daily life, we all perform for different audiences throughtout the day in different roles. I certainly do, a lot of my role as a teacher involves assuming a role.

I love the idea of interrupting daily routine but in ways that add to the delight of the day and not to annoy. I dont like art designed to interrupt the routine but love that that enhances, amuses and enlightens. What we notice is difference, when the posters are changed on the billboards, when the tube platforms are polished, when someone smells. Visual information is quickly assimilated into the routine environment. To remain powerful it needs to be changed everyfew weeks. These days it is changed continually, moving in front of us, adopting a rhythm. So do we no longer look at the image but wait for the repetition?

As for the site suggested, I found the use of the cards a good way of indexing and presenting basic information or thoughts around a person but would have prefered active links and more extensive information. Also I would imagine the site would grow as more people submit more unofficial cards. There are certainly many interesting people that need to go on the site.

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