E-tivity 6. Performativity and daily life

I intitially found the Theory cards to be full of generalisation and too tabloid-esque for my liking. They do contain a lot of information on some very big and complex subjects, which may serve to be an useful starting point for a serious researcher. However, I fear that, much like the tabloid reader, this information can be taken as gospel and ‘fact’ much like when a student looks in an encyclopedia. There seems to be wikipedia-factor to them in this sense. Whilst they may be an easily digestible light hearted way to begin research upon key writers etc. I would have to stress the importance of seeking out further information on the subjects. You cannot contain the entire theory of say, ‘Karl Marx’ in less than 100 words. After all has his theory not been misread in the past? However, as I continued to browse through the various cards I found a sense of irony to them, particularly the ‘special skills’ etc. section at the bottom. This may highlight another use for the cards; light amusement for the sake of the well read theorist who understands the irony.

As regards my own practice and the theme of performativity and the everyday- I feel this is one of a number of umbrella themes within my work which also includes an examination of time and memory, and the relationship between the mediums of drawing and video. My work is underpinned by performativity. When I film someone no matter how relaxed they may be, they are performing in some manner. When I make drawing from the video I too reflect the performance, which I have begun to examine by further recording this process. I also have another idea for creating footage to work from whereby 3 people will be filmed in an audition style talking from memory. This will involve performing in both the ‘natural’ and acting sense, but I fear dispensing any more information on the internet!

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