The continued search

I have continued my search for artist blogs based around personal cultural interests and ones that might lead to inspiration of my own work, based on Situationism, and like socialist art movements. My previous search turned up the interesting art practice of the mysterious ‘Decapitator’, passing his or her comments (obviously those of rejection and dissent) on mass cultural products such as movies and advertising by ‘vandalising’ billboard posters around East London. I enjoyed this practice as it related to processes of detournment conceived and carried out by the Situationist. My latest search was again equally as unsuccessful in turning up ‘actual artist blogs’ but has once again led to some interesting sites and relevant to my own working interests and research.

Keyword search: Artist blogs Society of the Spectacle

his searched aimed to find likes and comments on Guy Debord’s text the society of the spectacle – the key work of Situationist rhetoric. It turned up little but a few blogging sites with minor references to the work but nothing in depth enough for my search. I wanted to find artists blogs whose work is all about Situationism, not just in the referential sense.

Keyword Seach: Situationist Blogging

Brilliant I have found a hive of Situationist discussion and on our very own wordpress no doubt. Coolios. This site is exactly what I’ve been looking for a forum of Situationism in the contemporary context with grounding in the movements contextual past.

After skimming and scanning through thesituationist.wordpress I was led to this artist Marc Scheff

This artist’s work and personal interest in both art and science show a union of rationality and creativity that is perfect for for comparison to Situationism. This along with his professional roots in computer programming evokes ideas of computer virtuality. An area with theoretical crossovers to Situationism (in it’s concepts of constructed realities, that are detached from actual real exsistance hence virtual).

Notions of virtuality, and the questions these ideas raise about the perspectives of reality and the immense possibilities that virtual worlds can offer to the cultural sphere. Essentially virtual work exemplifies and embodies a new form of creative expression and possibility which Situationism wanted to encourage. Virtual space is a blank canvass a void waiting for a world. A world waiting for input and manipulation of creative thought by infinite users.

I found these crossovers and ideas in the book Virtual Worlds by Benjamin Wooley. Which I was reading for such inspiration. Although essentially a very dry book on the history of virtual reality and computer software it does offer a few nuggets of poetic, philosophic inspiration in quotes such as

Computers are mostly used against people instead of for people. Used to control people instead of free them. Time to change all that, we need a peoples computer company.

Ted Nelson Compter Lib
(the communist manifesto of computer culture)

The computer technology that would allow this virtual creative forum also embodies Situationism’s desire to harness all technological means in the active creation of culture and situations.

It is worth considering however that there are some underlying contradictions in this idea. For example Situationism believes society has essentially become a virtual existence created by a complex semiology of comsurmeristic means and ends. Is a new virtual world for creativity an viable answer and application of Situationist theory. Or does it descend into further artificial and unlived existences of the masses tied into a cooperate machine.

This point could be debated forever, but at the very least it creates an environment of relatively pure creation, that would enable a talented programmer to create a world the way they saw fit. (but how affected by the spectacle would this world be – how engrained in our psyches is the spectacle – will we ever escape it)

from this site I then looked at the artists works and his methodologies

none of these however were actual blogs but then I found a like to his myspace page.

however no blogs are posted.

After searching around for a blog specific enough for me to comment on the artists work and processes I have found nothing useful. However it has lead me to innumerable discussion boards of Situationism which may rovide useful contacts for the future of my project. Hence I am posting all links in this blog to file them for both my use and the uses of others.

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