PubliCamp with Critical Practice

Critical Practice BarCamp as part of Disclosures, April 2008

Critical Practice ResourceCamp as part of Disclosures, 2008


From Critical Practice

When: Sunday 5th July 2009, 2-5pm
Where: Kennington Park

As part of the process building up to the distributed conference Parade: Public Space, we are planning to convene a PubliCamp in Kennington Park – a former common, scene of a huge public Chartist gathering, enclosed (with Royal sponsorship), and now a ‘public’ park.

We intend to explore different conceptions of the publicness – historical, cultural, political, social, architectural and digital. We aim to develop a shared ethic towards the notion of public goods and will not be deterred by the disagreeable, contentious, messy, inefficient, live, improvisatory and provisional nature of Being in Public. Public, common or shared resources are like muscles, they become stronger with exercise.

PubliCamp will use a barcamp structure, something we have experimented with before.

BarCamps are an international network of user generated unconferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants.

They work like this: presentations (which might aggregate into themed sessions) are proposed in advance (see sign-up sheet below) or on on-the-day by attendees. We then try and build themed ‘sessions’ or groups of related presentations using white/flip boards, and mostly on-site. All attendees are encouraged to present and share their expertise. At the moment we are thinking of 10 minute presentations, with 10 minutes for questions/discussion. We try and keep lots of notes and everyone is encouraged to share information and experiences of the event, both live and after the fact, via blogging, photo sharing, social bookmarking, wiki-ing, twitter, etc.

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