Summary of The Learning Screen from Lynn

This essay is about civilizational shift from literacy to electracy,it is a new cultural phenomenon of networked art and new mediAinnovations.The author focus on using it as a educational methodology .The aim is to teach the student electrate skills.There are three parts: undergraduate literature majors; graduate media studies; collaborative arts research.

New media networked practices are hybrid forms and it can be experimental,and it is a process of collaborative creativity. For instance,It is not traditionally the form of written words but recorded images.Learn the mode of image reason is one of the key points of the essay.
Which I find is really interesting is the techniques of image reasoning,that’s interesting,using media delivering knowledge becomes art practice with aesthetic sense.That sounds abstract,how does aesthetic practice affect the organizing of information?

I got an example in the domain of collaborative arts research. It is about the creation and application of an image category. In the project of crossroad photograph,students use image reasoning in order to compose a category connecting collective history with individual experience(The history of Myami).The aesthetic operation is reflected in the virtual film which is made by still images, or we can imagine “Crossroads” as a still from a movie.

This is a new way of seeking, organizing and conveying information, drawing on aesthetic practices of language and art, is a significant resource for electracy. The spirit of experimental, and collaborative research should be encouraged.


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