Chapter 3: Explanation, Understanding and Beyond

Chapter 3 Explanation, Understanding and Beyond puts forward the idea that both researching art, and the practice of art, are both extremely important in developing intellectual growth in a social and historical context. The writer tries to convey how making art can be a genuine form of research and therefore should be used as an important platform to raise theoretical questions and debates. The chapter goes on to explore a range of different research methods.
What I found interesting about this chapter was the idea that visual arts play a huge role in educational development and human understanding. The chapter also argues that visual arts helps to develop a foundation for research to ‘extend the important role of art in institutional, political, and cultural settings’ (page 5). I also agree with the view set out in the chapter that people research for the purpose of expanding their knowledge to help inform new ideas. I found this an extremely interesting essay which touched on some very good points. I think many people forget how history and culture have always been reflected in art and how the evolution of art has always provided new platforms of new research.

By Rose Casey

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