CHAPTER 5 Artist As Theorist (Christie Gan)

Just like other individuals, artists living in our society and are the carrier and subject to the influence and constraints of social life. We can feel the existence of a number of social factors that are embodied in the work created by artists. The trend of development of a nation, a country, or even the whole world will inevitably affect the artist’s creative and innovative works.

There is a saying that “Art comes from life, but is higher than life”, this sentence is for works of art, but also beautify the artist, which helps to create a bias clichés (Stereotype), that is, artists do not other-worldly air, or completely self-contained. Perhaps the narcissistic artists are existent, but they cannot be divorced from the real world. They are in the era of asymmetric information, is one of the representatives of a typical myth or a monster, like the phenomenon in other areas, such as the profiling of political figures.

It is completely different among contemporary Art and the classical or traditional art. But people have accepted the traditional aesthetic experience for quite a long period and it is difficult to accept the expression of contemporary art, or the use of materials. Therefore, the level of understanding has been said that the current contemporary art is only the art of a small minority. Many people even think that contemporary art is only the artist’s own game. But I do not think the public needn’t to understand contemporary art because contemporary art has not set aside the public foundation.

Compared to classical art and traditional art, contemporary art act even more social. It involves a lot of the traditional areas not covered, disclose the relationship between human and the natural environment, culture and environment.

More classical and traditional art use the beauteousness as the main body to give people a sense of joy. So beauteousness here just used as the purpose of making. In contemporary art, there are no boundaries of beauty and ugliness; both of them are just a means of expression. The challenge of contemporary art is not aesthetic limitations, but the limitations of thought. Contemporary art is a kind of interactive art, the artist presented the phenomenon to the public, whose power of shock or confusion arising from uncertainty inspired a number of people. In this process, the general public learns to think, sum up and get inspiration.

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