Irina on Explanation, Understanding and Beyond

Practice as research by Irina Corduban
As an artist I believe the key figure in the creation is the studio experience as a form of imaginative and intellectual inquiry. Why we need research? Because to study methods and meaning about art, to create now knowledge and as a further judgement in process to making art . For Jerome Bruner research is a “complex of question” how move him in to “real” world from a “critical setting”. From a different opinion Scrivener(2000) by research student need to: ” demonstrated” is a problem to be resolved, explain the “solution” of the problem in “improved artefact”, show the “world” want to solved that problem, demonstrated the usefulness of the solution and finally proved that problem been “eradicated” by the solution. The strategy of academically research are equivalence” by traditions associated with scholarship and “benchmarking” in identify practice. University research is an competitive research with professional audience ready in any moment to evaluate the outcome. In the same time, in university, by intersection from different culture ,research can be a cultural practice. Research culture remains “ grounded in theories and practice of visual research.
Research practice is a descriptions of artists in art by individual study , cultural context and approaches to the propose. This active research it can be divide in to: self reflective practice , reflectivity , dialogue and question. Self reflective practice as an opening concept and imaginative options. Reflective in rearrange a new exposition from a different artwork. Dialog between research and researched. And question for identify problem for any change. This “change” for Mats Alvesson and Kaj Skoldeberg is anticipations in artistic , cultural , social , political and educational .
In 1970s -1980s in UK one of the questions it was: what is” status of arts programs in higher education’s “? This it was opportunity visual art and design become connected to cultural production. The are there factors on debates: two causes and one theory. The causes facts are: legislations how change the international structure and the second cause funding support .The theory and practice of visual art as an academic discipline it been a way of form of research. Practice and theorize created a very strong relationship because inform “how art is made and how it can be study”.From some opinions in art will be a difference between academic research and visual art research. Other consider visual art theorising can be articulate visual and verbal forms. ( Candlin, 2000).
The dialog between artist, artwork and context all the time it will play a very critique coalition.


About irinacorduban

I always enjoyed Art from an early age and she spend most of her childhood drawing and design anything and everything! This love of Art has stayed with her and developed and grown and, now, I cannot imagine wanting to do anything else.
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