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I did not time or automate this presentation so have failed that part of the task. I did enjoy making it very much and found it a powerful learning and self teaching experience. I include below the script to accompany the slides.

Auto-ethnography: a visual essay

Charlie Weinberg 7th December 09 London

SLIDE 1 EYES. I am intrigued by the development of this practice as both a research tool and a method or practice in its own right.

. For me this is about looking at myself and asking what I ask of myself in public:

  • How do I see myself
  • How do others see me
  • Am I the same inside and out?
  • What does my environment mean to me?
  • Do to me?


Editorial: Autoethnography and Arts-Based Research

Deborah Smith-Shank & Karen Keifer-Boyd

First generation autoethnography involved person­al history and situating oneself in the text. One noted first generation au­toethnographer, H.L. Goodall Jr. prefers to use the term “personal narra­tive” rather than autoethnography to describe this type of research.

SLIDE 3. WINDOW Others (Denzin, 2007 at QI; Pelius, 2007 at QI) distinguish autoethnog­raphy from personal narrative in that it is a political project that uncov­ers and makes present what has not previously been overt in research methodology.

SLIDE 4 For me, this was about looking at myself and presenting myself or parts of myself. I am becoming aware of the secrets in my art and the fact that my high levels of integrity are increasingly compromised by own artistic practice.

SLIDE 5 EYES I mean, there are some things I do in art that I do not share with some of the people I love. This is a big question and realisation for me. Why is that and what does that mean about me, them, our relationship? And why am I only really understanding or paying attention to this now?

SLIDE 6 BUDDHA I am aware of my own feelings about and complicated relationship with beauty. I find it repellent that we should be judged on something so indefinable and open to abuse and classification by powers and structures out of our own control.

SLIDE 7 I find beauty in many ways. I am committed to the practice of creating value and of finding and expressing beauty as much as possible.

SLIDE 8 And I am aware of my own feelings about myself and my own reflection…both of which change so much. This work is partly a reflection upon my own reflection

SLIDE 9 My identity is multiple and various. I keep bits of it and reminders of all the me’s I have been, am and may be again in different contexts because I find it funny that one person can be so multiple without having a psychiatric label or diagnosis. Depending on who ordains the identity, we may be multiple personalities

SLIDE 10. According to Smith as quoted earlier, “First generation autoethnographer, Carolyn Ellis (2007 at QI), warns that the typical process of starting with meaning construction should begin by exploring how meanings fall apart”.

I want to use my art work to look at meaning, meaning making and what happens if that is altered…This is challenging and means pushing myself to take new and bigger challenges.

SLIDE 11 I dress to face the world. I think about what I wear, not only for reasons of fashion or appearance.

SLIDE 12 Sometimes the outside world can be as beautiful as it is ugly. I am very aware of that tension and my relation to nature, my built environment and social structures.

SLIDE 13 I step out and walk through the world. I love the world and I love being in it. I love my shoes and I love walking. I love being comfortable. For a woman, that should not be my priority but it is.

SLIDE 14 Public transport is a huge and significant part of my life. What happens on the bus is often a microcosm of the world at large, for good and for bad. My bus takes me to my door and to my work and to most places I need to go. I love the bus and I hate the bus. It is part of my daily life and my community.

SLIDE 15 My bus takes me past my hairdresser, Woo. As my mum says, he has golden hands.

SLIDE 16 My bus takes me past the newsagent, run by this couple since I can remember. These were the first people to say hello to me on a regular basis in the area.

SLIDE 17 I found myself reflected in this puddle beautifully. I love the way the water reflects me and the building and makes us both slightly more vague and ambivalent than we are in reality. My shoes in real time match up with my reflected self and merge the two of us.

SLIDE 18 Reflected in the door of my friend’s house I fit perfectly in the slot between the slats. I have never really fitted perfectly anywhere.

SLIDE 19 And so I am revealing information about myself, as much to others as to myself. What we each see and perceive may well be different. What I am doing and making are points of view, statements and art works about my relationship to the world.

SLIDE 20 Here’s looking at you kid. If I am to investigate others, I believe I must be fair game, at least to my own scrutiny and investigation.

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  1. OOOOPS, I made a mistake posting this!! SO sorry everyone, never mind! Ignore. Charlie

  2. Beatrix says:

    Charlie, thanks for sharing your ppt and script. I really liked your presentation.
    I guess if we did that auto-etnography session before the research methods presentation it would have been much easier. I think it makes sense to start a discussion by reflecting on who we are as artists and what we expect from our projects first, and then focus on our methods of investigation.

  3. Jess says:

    I have to agree with Beatriz on the timing of this assignment. I also agree with you, Charlie, I found this assignment very cathartic to do. I think doing an auto-etnographic pecha kucha really made us all examine ourselves as artists and as people, I know it did for me. I think we all walked away with a better understanding of who we all are as individuals, and why we’re doing this program.

    Also, on an unrelated side note, how do you shower in that tiny shower of yours, Charlie? You need to find a house soon with a jacuzzi tub to relax in!

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