paula’s pecha-kucha slides

DIY [Do It Yourself] :

a-Time the automatic PowerPoint presentation using the following technique

  1. Write your narartive ( the presentation script) and time it.
  2. Create 20 slides that include  little or no text and large, striking images
  3. Paste your script in the note pane of each slide, so that you know what you’ll say for each slide. Recheck the timing.
  4. Set the slides to advance after 20 seconds. Choose View> Slide Sorter and select all of the slides. (Click the first one, press and hold Shift, and click the last one.)
  5. On the Slide Sorter toolbar, click the Transition button. (In 2007, choose Animations.) In the Advance Slide section, uncheck the On Mouse Click check box and check the Automatically After check box. In the Automatically After text box, enter 00:20.
  6. Choose Slideshow> Set Up Show and select: Presented by a speaker and Advance Slides Using timings
  7. Practice until you can deliver the presentation within the alloted time.

b- Upload it to the blog, using the following procedure

  1. First upload it to slideshare
  2. In the page with the presentation on SlideShare, below the presentation you will see (among other things) a text box labeled “For”
  3. If you copy that code, similar to this [ slideshare id=xxxxxxx&doc=thetitleofyoursliedes-yyyyyyyy ] and paste it into your blog post on, it will show up as the presentation when you publish your blogpost.

About paula roush

I am a Lisbon-born artist based in London, UK. I am the founder of msdm, a platform for art practices that are mobile-strategies-[of]-display-[and]- mediation. It is a platform for both individual and collaborative work, shown in the context of exhibitions, publications, conferences and teaching/seminars. I work with photography, archives, found material and performance through editing strategies that investigate notions of authorship, authenticity, history and memory. I am interested in publishing as artists’ practice and as platform to explore the intersections between the roles of artist, editor and curator. My current projects look at ideas of (re) production in the work of art, resulting in publications in several formats that encompass the hand-made, the print on demand and the ebook.
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