pecha kuchaf


About irinacorduban

I always enjoyed Art from an early age and she spend most of her childhood drawing and design anything and everything! This love of Art has stayed with her and developed and grown and, now, I cannot imagine wanting to do anything else.
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3 Responses to pecha kuchaf

  1. Jess says:

    Irena, I think your work in fresco is absolutely gorgeous. I was just curious what drew you to begin studying it? Why that over traditional drawing and painting? Thanks!

    • irina says:

      Hi Jess,Thank you. About your question,I study fresco in Romanian orthodox church,a been an apprentice 5 years, studding religious, iconography.In the same time I been to the University for another 5 years, been very passion about old master and mural painting, finishing as muralist .On of my work,around 300 square metre in orthodox church it been created in fresco technique. Any way please have a look in my website: To be honest I add, in this website to many different style of my work. I intend to create a different

      • aaronwkay says:

        Hi Irina,

        this is very interesting…. it would have been beneficial, I think, if you would have included some of this information (about your 5 year apprenticeship, and your study of religious iconography), in the Pecha Kucha… as you outlined ‘what you do now’ in the presentation in a similar way to research methods.. but adding more on your personal, historical front, possibly would have fitted in well on the auto-ethnographic side of things. I actually think that auto-ethnograhy seems to be a core element of your project – as its is not just about ‘making fresco’, but about your experience of making it etc.


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