Aaron Kay Film Essay

Well here is my film essay on, well, film essays… and ducks!


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5 Responses to Aaron Kay Film Essay

  1. bimoh says:

    Yo, Aaron, I fully understand the video essay now because of yours. It is a very interesting how truly this has in my mind replaced the written essay. I normally have problems with reading and having to go back and re-read what I thought i missed, but with the video essay, click rewind. that is classic, and thank you again, Aaron

  2. Jess says:

    Aaron, your audio visual essay was very well thought out and you used research to back up your point. I wish I had used references such as those in mine, but at the same time, in the sardonic way I did mine, I do not think it would have been as effective.

    On your point about rewinding: What happens if as Alter said, “…traditional filmmakers are exhibiting their works in galleries and museums, and artists are showing their films in film festivals and cinemas” (Journal of Visual Culture, p. 10)? You can’t rewind unless you have your own personal copy of the film, so in that sense I feel the audio visual essay can be found lacking to the written essay because if you’re reading a written essay, it is assumed you do in fact have your own copy since you’re reading it.

    Over all, I think you made some great points, and I thoroughly enjoyed your piece. On a side note, until this point I had never seen an all black duck with that white streak on it’s face before, and I am quite surprised you didn’t at least have one NES Duck Hunt reference in there. Nice reference to Eminem though. I look forward to your feedback on my piece. Thanks for sharing, Aaron!

    Kind regards,

    • aaronwkay says:

      Hi Jess,

      Just watched your film essay now – i think you got your points across okay – the end credits were crazy, and there were little laughs throughout. Thats a good point about rewinding – yes you can only do it on your own version – but with so much av material on the web, its all navigable; so it was more of a point about the flexibility of video in general.

      And yes, I deliberately didn’t mention NES Duck Hunt – the classic game that it is. My liking of ducks predates the NES – I had the book ‘The Magic Finger’ by Roald Dahl as a small child.


  3. Jess says:

    I grew up reading all of Roald Dahl’s books, but I somehow have never read that one. I was honestly expecting you to make a Duck Hunt reference when your video made mention of what would happen to the ducks when humans cleaned up the waterway and began to use it again. My mind immediately went to Duck Hunt. I am in fact having a good giggle just imagining it since I grew up playing Duck Hunt.

    I am glad you enjoyed my credits/end notes/work cited. I purposefully made them a little crazy to prove my final point, no one goes looking for those pages to read them unless they’re looking for something specific. After reading a book about the history of footnotes, I now make sure to skim them in case the author goes off on a tangent in them as I did in a few. Footnotes are amazing for that.

    As for the rewinding bit, while I do agree with you on the amount of stuff on the web, I feel the need to make the point that while you and I may know some back doors around some things, not everyone does. There are no back doors with a written essay, unless you count cliff notes, which makes me wonder if anyone made that parallel in their presentation tonight. I get your whole point with the rewinding, I am just playing devil’s advocate, so to speak.

    I wish I could have been there tonight to see everyone’s reactions to mine and everyone’s films. I look forward to reviewing everyone’s online this week. Thanks for the comments, Aaron!


  4. Lynn says:

    Hi Aaron:
    I found it really interesting that you said we can learn somethings about human behaviors when watching the ducks.
    I did not know how to explain the video and essay and my diary at the same time. Your film inspired me to my first video essay. And I like that you put the intertitles that describe the ducks and combine the voice-over to talk about video essay. You make a good use of the film approach, and convey information by both the audio and visual track. That is what written essay can not do. So the way you did the video itself just show the difference between the written essay and video essay. Good job! Thank you.


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