Imoh’s Pecha Kucha (Working so hard for nothing).

Hello, just realized that I haven’t sent off my own Pecha Kucha presentation. I had a problem adding my voice. my video keeps crashing (I am getting tired of windows now). So what I have done is to write out what I intended to say over here. Hope you like it:

Slide 1: I was burn on the 5th of March 1981, even as a baby it was clear that there was something different about me in comparison with my big sister and brother.

Slide 2: What was also clear as I grew was the uncontrollable interest I had for the arts, be it applied or performed

Slide 3: This love pushed me to participate in various creative and cultural activities

Slide 4: I almost always stood out from the crowd as and extraordinary child in anything I did.

Slide 5: As an active and outgoing child, Preteen-age years were the years of my life, ….

Slide 6: …. I found expressing myself in art easy and natural. That is why as i left primary school, I had great expectations for secondary school years. However, this was to be the beginning of disaster for my creative activities.

Slide 7: As a teenager, I saw a decline in my artistic activities. I don’t know what happened for sure, but if I am to be honest, I will have only myself to blame for it.

Slide 8: In my first degree, I tried desperately to make up for what I missed during my secondary school years. I still had the love and passion for the arts, but I constantly found being blocked by an unexplainable force from actually performing or producing. Must be psychological.

Slide 9: Coming to London in 2005 was an opportunity to take an advantage of the rich artistic culture I was exposed to, but as usual, I find myself gazing away into the opening air and letting the opportunities pass me by.

Slide 10: I finally decided to come out of my isolation and reignite the fire that is my creativity.

Slide 11: Although a little late, I am gradually realizing my artistic ambitions.

Slide 12: Sometimes brief madness does the trick. In my case, not so brief.

Slide 13: I rarely live my work table, working so hard to show – eh … nothing. However the act keeps me busy.

Slide 14: I often compare my life now with my father’s early life to see what I can learn from the old man. It is so interesting, we are “Scarily” alike.

Slide 15: However, I hold my mother close to my right side. She has a way of pushing me to do the right thing. I used to fight her to show my independence. Now? I see it is only foolish, partly because she is more aggressive than I am and she always wins.

Slide 16: It feels good to finally have something to target in life. It give a sense of purpose in life.

Slide 17: I feel tired after a hard days work doing nothing. As if by nature, I isolate myself again to recuperate.

Slide 18: The problem with me resting is I often fall into the deep pit of laziness, and I find it difficultto move from the same spot for a long time …..

Slide 19: … but when I finally move, I move. Hopefully I know where I’m going.

Slide 20: To me, my life is flat. As flat as a 2 dimensional portrait. No complicated contours, just flat. I wish that was how life really was, that way I wont feel guilty working so hard for nothing.

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