Visual essay (Beatriz)

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3 Responses to Visual essay (Beatriz)

  1. aaronwkay says:

    Hi Beatriz,

    this is a great first video, with successful use of text I think…. its interesting how the white text sometimes disappears in the snow so you can;t read it, but as you and the camera move, it becomes visible again; was this a deliberate attempt to mirror the fact you are speaking in a language other than english, by fragmenting our exposure to the translation? Or was it just by accident?


  2. Beatrix says:

    hi Aaron,
    thank you!

    I chose the white subtitles because I wanted them to merge (not completely) with the background. the white colour, to some cultures, carries the meaning of neutrality (like the gallery seen as a “white cube”) and I thought it would be an interesting “play”, walking in this white field and having my translated words in the same colour (or absence of colour!), over my talking image. english as a language may still be cold for me (as the snow), but it can never be neutral.

    but I did not think of what you said – this fragmentation of discourse. this is so interesting! thanks for sharing your reading. I guess it was a happy accident 🙂

  3. aaronwkay says:

    Hi Beatriz,

    Yes i think that the blending of the text into the background had something to do with it being translated, and maybe representing something about how you feel about translating into english! Glad I was kind of on the right track (having watched your film essay again onine) and thought there was some kind of connection – its good to know the exact reasons about the neutrality… your film makes even more sense now.

    Which all goes to show how things can be interpreted differently!


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