Visual Essay work

Hi group.
I am really concerned that I will not be able to upload either my Pecha Kucha slides nor my visual essay to the blog. The PK because I have yet to learn how to upload the slides, so hopefully can do it later on in the course, the Visual Essay because it is a) technically impossible because I used power point with accompanying voice recording. Despite these elements both being learning developments for me, I now understand they are inappropriate for this task. I heard the exciting news about alternative software- but unfortunately, so far do not have access or knowledge of either. Also, for a variety of reasons, I used images that were not my own, so would break copyright if I were to upload them. The work, despite appearances, did take me a lot of time and effort, so it is a it of a shame that I am left unsure as to what this means for my potential to pass this module…However, I did learn from and enjoy everyone else’s work and was pleased to see how many people actually did manage to complete the task in form!! Well done everyone, very impressive. I really loved some of the pieces shown on Wednesday and look forward to learning more as we go on. Ironically I have been commissioned to do a spoken word performance soon and, in collaboration with an established sound and image artist, will be making a visual essay to accompany my performance- I am taking the photos, choosing the text and designing the sound track which Trevor Mathison of the Black Audio Film Collective will be converting into what I now understand to be a visual essay because he does have the technological knowledge and skills to do so. I will ask his and the commissioning organisation (Iniva) if I can upload that piece of work when it is complete to this blog. The performance is in Feb so not long now and I am really looking forward to it, despite being nervous. It is a great honour to work with Trevor and I can’t wait to see and hear how it all comes together. Thanks for all the feedback and comments last week, hopefully my understanding of the issues and subjects will begin to grow as we continue. I really thought I had used all I had learnt and enjoyed from the Pecha Kucha to do my visual essay and had hoped to find I had fulfilled the brief!!! Hahahaaa, d’oh. Onwards and upwards….

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