Lynn: on “those brave cam girls”

The Technology of web camera and the use of technological devices such as the web camera and stylistic techniques like digital editing and graphics help leaving the body outside. It becomes functional to the representation of the body via physical appearance, and help constructing the identity. For individual women, it frees them to construct their own sexual identity.Like the website of, woman have an opportunity to express themselves not only by texts or normal images, but also in a way that transcends the biological body.

The cam girls utilize the online technology at maximun. They visually represent themselves and their femininity by means of images, language or transgrssive nicknames. Beside that, they are keen on programming their own shows, it contains diaries and the exaggerated or enhanced physical appearance by web camera.For example, they often show titillating pictures of themselves and exhibit various parts of their body directly in front of the camera.

It is also interesting that The reason why the women had decided to expose themselves in this manner, the “cam girls” reply with a similar answer “I like to be watched! (, 2003) or “if you get attention, you feel special.” What’s more, they not only want to expose their life, but also show themselves naked. In order to be effectively noticed on the internet and attract the attention of an audience. In this way, they have strategies that they do not give a lot of information about their outdoor life to the viewer, as they seem to create a certain halo of mystery around their off line activities. In addition, cam girls themselves seem to take pleasure in locating themselves outside the limits of “moral” normality.

To conclude, the cam girls ‘hyper-utilized” the internet to represent their multifaceted identity in the way of pictures, texts and real time videos.


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