Pecha Kucha

There is still a problem with the time. It is set to 20 but gives 6. Don’t know how to solve it. I’ll ask for advice tomorrow


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2 Responses to Pecha Kucha

  1. Jess says:

    Thomas, I very much enjoyed your Pecha Kucha and your images. I only have one complaint with it and that is that you have a lot of spelling and grammatical errors in the dialogue you typed. It was a little distracting at times, so you may want to take some time to just go back and fix those errors and repost.

    Other than that, I found your pecha kucha to be informative and insightful. Your images were interesting and drew me in to examining them each time before moving on to the next slide.

    You did not discuss yourself in too great a detail, but you did share with your audience enough information that gave us a narrower view of you as an individual; especially concerning your humor. Many of the images you posted of yourself had me laughing, especially the image of what appears to be you knitting. I feel you ended the assignment strong by stating your hesitation of posting things about yourself on the internet, but saying that with a picture of your brother posted and ending on the statement that he dislikes things about himself being on the internet more.

    Overall, you had an intriguing piece that did inform your audience about auto-ethnographic art methods, and about who you are as an individual. I feel you were successful in that respect, and I would just recommend going back and editing your spelling and grammar in order to have your message heard as clearly as possible.

    Thanks for the post, Thomas!


  2. thomasvest says:

    Thank you for your comment Jessica I will look the spellings and the other things you suggested.
    About the Auto-ethnographical part of my Pecha-Kucha- My aim was to hit the fine line between being narcissistic and addressing the subject, which I considered to be the theme of the week, Auto-ethnography.
    For the Pecha-Kucha ending with my brother, that was inspired by the text and the example give of an Auto-ethnographer Ron Pelias who exclude information about his partner in his work, when he “feels that he does not have permission to include them”(p.2) This was given as an example of the difficulty of auto-ethnography when your own life is mixed with other lives. What can you include and what can’t be included?
    My point was about how we expose other people (and ourselves) on the internet. What right do I have to include my brother especially when I know he hates it?
    Beatrix told be about a friend that didn’t have Facebook but still there was a lot of pictures of him/here on Facebook because of other people upload pictures – I find this interesting and a bit scary.

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