some immature viewpoint of the cam girl phenomenon

In the comments of the cam girl phenomenon, most critics point the finger of blame “to satisfy voyeuristic,” “betrayed privacy,” “Body commercialization” and so on, but from the positive side, the critics have completely ignored the new technological advances may bring elements of the phenomenon.

In my point of view, the desire of peeping and being voyeuristic, it is also can be seen as to see and be seen in psychology and simply a normal human emotions, such desire and curiosity are hard to separate from the emotional which made human being development. Therefore, if they do not infringe other people, the desire of peeping and being voyeuristic should be to seek some extent of satisfaction. Meanwhile, our society should provide some legitimate way to avoid infringement of others to be voyeuristic, such as the community should meet its people’s food and clothing, so as to avoid the robbery thing will happen.

In my opinion, I think the criticism towards the cam girl phenomenon, often deduce from a fear of science and technology that will change the status of social psychology, however, the blind spot of the view of “control technology” is that the modern society actually been in the development and change, and have consequently developed a new social needs with the new principal. The new technology is only the force or power to help develop and meet the new needs. In a freedom society, any person has the right to use new technology to change society’s ethics morality under the premise of not infringing on other people. just as any person has the right to continue to maintain the status quo under the premise of non-depressing the freedom and non-discrimination of others .

In fact, the cam girl phenomenon contains some positive elements. The trends of strict dichotomy in modern public and private spheres began to break down, the private sector began to politicize (such as the women’s movement, gay movement, etc.), commercialization, but the original public and private spheres are still too distinguished, so that it gives people a sense of alienation. Developed by the network is a kind of virtual personality, make more flexible to deal with changing self-emotional situation, especially the practice of network video which vague the boundaries of public and private field, makes it easier to adapt to developments in the public sphere with the private sector nature of the personality characteristics and interpersonal relationships.

In the public sphere, people are always in a certain social status, which always be manifested through the social roles. Any kind of social role is always associated with a range of behavioral patterns, first of a series of rights, followed by a series of obligations. And long-term make a variety of roles in social life form a set of distinctive patterns of behavior, which requires people to undertake specific roles and acted the way in a particular society, but for these people, it is a kind of pressure and constraints. However, in the network, this individual can be temporarily out of these roles. Jumping out of a certain role means that relieved of obligations and responsibilities. Therefore, the individual is entirely possible to use a virtual character in the network, try to be a new role of society with more freedom.

The made –up personality on internet is a social psychological and ethical phenomenon that arises with the development of internet. The psychological conflicts resulted from interpersonal competition and social pressure and the made-up personality of constrained and ideal types resulted from communication on internet do not mean the separation of personality, although they have a positive effect on giving vent to one’s feelings, they do have a negative effect.


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