TP – Immediacy, Hypermediacy and Remediation – JS

REFERENCE – Bolter, Jay and Grusin, Richard, 2000. Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation. In Remediation -Understanding New Media. Cambridge Mass.: MIT Press.

It is arguable that and never existed. More importantly perhaps in reference to the article essay above, it would be far more interesting if they never did and had been created as digital images to execute an interface for the debates around the issues that these websites raise, for Jenni represented  an Avatar for some, a fetishistic opportunity for others and over time became the metaphoric circus bear dragged through the modern day digital circus of spectacles.

From the archives of these now defunct websites, we are told of the fascination and revelations which occurred throughout the “life” of these people on display. The photo realism or filmic realism  desire of computer graphic programmers could have created these spectacle websites that demonstrate both the immediacy (e.g. when Jenni was asked to perform tasks early in her “broadcasts”), the Hypermediacy (blog options,timed photo real entries) and the Remediation (www interface, point of view camera positioning within the domestic domain).

Jean Baudrillard once described his drive through America as being like a video game. A simulation of the real because of the inherent cultural signifiers and the signified that he recognised and himself represented. He knew how to behave in America (how to sit at a bar, order a beer etc..) but when he actually did do so, it was a simulated reality based on a preconception which therefore rendered his entire trip hallucinatory, or rather, it felt like a simulation of a video game that he was in. Watching JenniCAM now – if it were to be re-introduced -could have the same effect because post Big Brother, “Reality” TV shows we are now often simulating activities (rather than experiencing them) that simply instill an impression upon the mediated presentations.

The veracity of the information (e.g. Jenni is real or invented?) is an irrelevance to the spectator / viewership precisely because of the format of  presentation or re-representation. This is what I would like to discuss in webinar session. – JS

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4 Responses to TP – Immediacy, Hypermediacy and Remediation – JS

  1. aaronwkay says:

    Interesting write-up of what we discussed in the class… and I find the mention of Big Brother on TV particularly interesting too. As the internet remediates the medium of TV, is this not a sign of TV attempting to remediate Web-based products? From what I recall, the Immediacy, Hypermediacy and Remediation text says that old and new technologies both try to remediate each other… I think that this is extremely apparent when discussing things such as Big Brother.


    • JS says:

      In response to AK’s feedback.

      In the current climate of cross fertilisation of formats and disciplines in all media platforms, it is both easy and confusing to draw comparisons of the web and tv although I would argue that since the advent of TV to the masses in the fifties, it has created the basic grammar blocks for the web and our interactions with it to build upon.

      Consider the acts of remediation when tv competitions, phone-ins, donation appeals and even personal messages displayed on a scroll over banner are displayed at the bottom of the tv (children’s tv!) and how these have been adopted by the web’s interface, for example. Although the article mentions how they remediate each other, I think that this information is quickly becoming out-dated and obsolete as the new technologies and our interaction networks are looking to define both the language and the parameters of new media on its own terms. The comparisons are short-sighted I feel. Theory is going to follow practice in this field. Perhaps it always has…

      A creative flight of fancy perhaps, but I believe that the Big Brother format (as an example, but equally, the filming of the Castaway series would equally suffice) will become a community based social tool in the near future as technology (i.e. nationwide fibre optic cable) will propose it. Communities (geographic or virtual) will self -reflexively document themselves for others to watch. Aside from any entertainment value (and I would argue that Big Brother has been a seminal public exercise in deconstructing our expectation of the “spectacle” as entertainment in PREPARATION for our interactions on the web), this act of hypermediacy will allow our tribal instincts to govern, identify, learn from and control seemingly disconnected peoples worldwide.

      Big Brother will become a series of Little Brothers around the world as we inter-react through the automatism of technology with tribes/groups/networks. – JS

      • KayOS says:

        Okay…. very well put…. so would you say that the internet is the superior medium which has absorbed the others? TV is still broadcast – although watch on demand service are effectively remediating web tv back into normal TV. Do you think that the newer internet will triumph and remediate all others? Aaron

  2. JS says:

    (See the website link attached to this entry. This is an appropriate and rather brilliant illustration of both immediacy and remmediacy. We know who it is, the participants do not. It is a “game” but the rules are insignificant. A weird but almost fascinating Social Anthropological exercise…)

    I feel that you are a surfer on the cusp of the wave and riding it with your feedback. As for me, I’m on a paddle boat looking at the sea on the horizon when I say in response to your questions that we are almost at the technological frontier where the internet won’t exist as an entity in its own right for much longer. I predict that within ten -fifteen years time, we will not refer to online activity or the internet at all…

    Step back.

    I think that we cannot underestimate the restraint that time (as a linear, quantifiable quotient) has had on old media which perhaps gave value to the aforementioned terms such as Immediacy, Remediation etc… I think the best analogy I can come up with is space travel. Up to the latter part of the 19th century our scope of knowledge of the universe was confined by the impossibly simple and pivotal associations of the eight planets in relation to the sun. We now consider the relative connections of the Milky Way in proportion to the larger Universe and recognise the Sun(s) in multiple solar systems and have therefore reduced the relative importance of our own.

    This spatial relationship is manifestly mirrored in our recent linear relationship between the production of film and tv content which necessitated a delay before transmission/exhibition of the media until now. The linear relationship between text media / tv / web is metaphorically akin to linking the Sun with the Earth and the moon. The next phase of communication will be a matrix of inter galactic (!) or inter worldly platforms simultaneously broadcasting new and old content with no aggregation value to the former or the latter. The “new” internet, to answer your question, will only triumph as a non entity because it will only become a spatial conference of media in time and so won’t exist as a platform at all as we will all have our own servers and broadcast and filter and manage our own networks etc… Our houses will have eco boilers, fuel stations and media stations plumbed in as a matter of course.

    To answer your earlier question. In my mind then, taking the logic from the above through to a conclusion, the internet, as it stands now, is an old media platform like the radio/cinema/tv. It hasn’t so much absorbed the others as integrated itself around current media hardware/software. The internet, despite all protestations to the contrary, is a hardware entity at the moment because of its reliance on the devices and the context of its uses which limit its relevance. These new devices – iTab etc.. are the small and insignificant toys littered on the floor stopping us from entering the playroom where the real fun is!! When anything (information, entertainment, personal resources) is accessible by any means through remediation etc.., that will be the moment when the actual language of the New Media will be able to substantiate itself. – JS

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