Web Conference 20/01/10

I read the following texts for today’s class and browsed through the websites documenting webcam projects.

Bolter, Jay and Grusin, Richard, 2000. Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation. In Remediation -Understanding New Media. Cambridge Mass.: MIT Press. Available at: http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/default.asp?ttype=2&tid=3468&mode=toc

I found the texts very interesting and relevant to my project. I have also started working on a film project with friends who are based in Dublin and Berlin and so I’ve had a good opportunity to start web conferencing. For me the biggest advantage is being able to describe with your hands!

In the text ‘Immediacy, Hypermediacy and Remediation’ the authors delve into any areas of art and media history to give examples to highlight points. They claimed they would not be able to go into much detail and that seems apt as everything that exists seems to be made up of so many other things that have come before.

“Both new and old media are invoking the twin logics of immediacy and hy- permediacy in their efforts to remake themselves and each other.”

The aim of the writing is ‘to debate hybrid online-offline subjectivities and the formation of collectivities in online communities’.

I have chosen a few statements from the text I would like to discuss:

‘Remediation always operates under the current cultural assumptions about immediacy and hypermediacy.’

‘Virtual reality is immersive, which means that it is a medium whose purpose is to disappear.’

‘What is new about digital media lies in their particular strategies for remediating television, film, photography, and painting. Repurposing as remediation is both what is “unique to digital worlds” and what denies the possibility of that uniqueness.’

Perhaps we could discuss this in relation to the growth of 3D films? I feel that the desire for ‘immediacy’ seems to reflect the desire for ‘immersion’, the dream of escape into another world through art and entertainment.

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One Response to Web Conference 20/01/10

  1. aaronwkay says:

    Would you say that films made for exhibition in 3D are remediation? And if so, what are they remediating? Is it the perspective of reality (just like the perspective paintings discussed in the text), early 3D / stereoscopic photography, or merely using newer technology to make 3D films more accessible and easier to produce?

    If TV and films are going to be more commonly made in 3D… what would the reverse be? Would you say that holographic projections in 3D space are a remediation of film/tv into actual reality?



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