Some thoughts about Harun Farocki’s installation (week 7)

Video not only can be record the changes of the world, but also the changes in itself, such as the changes of brick making and the development of film in Raven Row’s exhibition. Whose purpose is not only record and display, but also presents a history of social development and social psychological changes. The visual shock of the audience is the most direct, and did not require translation and text symbols. So that to a certain extent, the expression of ideas and the message it transferred are more direct and accurate. At the same time, the visual information conveyed between subjective and objective, and that means in an “objective view” expressed “true self”.

The part 5 of the exhibition left me a very deep impression. Through the footage of CCTV, it shows us a certain perspective and scope that our normal human eye could hardly reach and tell and makes a number of original intimate space opened to the public so that no secret at all. At the same time, through the past and the present situation in contrast to the prison, we can see that due to the use of high technology such as CCTV, making the prison management is also a marked change.

In the view of most people, media is merely a formality, as well as the carrier of information and knowledge content. The media itself is empty, static, passive, and its function is to complete the communication of media content. But in fact, there is a strong reaction on media by the information it conveyed. From the media’s own point of view, the form of media is one kind, and the content of information and knowledge precisely is another form of media. The media as a form is positive and dynamic, and given a significant impact on information and knowledge, and determines the clarity and structure of the mode of information.

(by christie)

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