Dahn Faroki Installation Comment

Faroki’s installation was the first video installation I have attended, so I was not quite sure what to expect. Having watched the majority of the pieces held within, there was only one that I continued to find myself wandering back to. I do not recall the name of the installation, but it was the one showing the different country’s and community’s methods of brick making and laying.

The cultural differences displayed in this installation are what enraptured me I believe. To see how developing countries have people sitting in mud pits making bricks by hand using only natural methods (mud, clay, the sun, etc.) with industrialized companies making bricks by automated machine was fascinating. Not only did it speak of the difference on a economic level, but also one of progression. At one point those countries using machines had to rely on doing things with their own two hands, or importing such things from countries that could.

The dual display I believe played an integral part in this installation. To just watch both screens at the same time, side by side, while two different worlds were portrayed concerning the same manner was fascinating. Had this been played on one screen I feel that the message would not have been as effective, if not lost all together. This installation made it quite clear the power an audio video essay has with its viewers when executed properly.

After having seen this installation I wish as a class we could redo our own audio video essay assignments and play them side by side such as this one and see the difference time and experience has made on us, just as time and experience made on those countries making bricks.

Thank you.

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