On the edge of art–online autobiography

The edge of art website redefining art in a quite special way. Firstly, art change its location from studios and galleries to computer keyboards, where the creative people rebuilding their society’s vision. Also in a global culture mixer, art and science, commerce and fashion seem to be whipped together because of the Internet. Thus, I found there is connection between art and technology: “art offers an important check on technology’s relentless proliferation.”

How can that work? Digital art as antibody have six functions to help us defend ourselves against technology’s assault. They are perversion, arrest, revelation, execution, recognition and perseverance which relates to the edges of art: code art, computer games, online autobiography, political activism, online communities, political activism and artificial life.

I am really interested in online autobiography. It is exciting to see people share their life online, because there are much more ways to show events of live not only conventional texts but also images, videos. “Home pages can consist of a CV, an album of family photos, a diary of experiences for friends to read, a list of favorite links.” This kind of exhibitionism or art is popular also because its Immediacy, Hypermediacy or Remediation. We can easily recognize it as experimental expressions of a new media. “Since these early experiments in homespun HTML, new documentary tools have flooded the Web, including Webcams, blogs, and Flash and QuickTime movies, resulting in a veritable tidal wave of self-revelation.”

When it comes to self-revelation, online autobiography reflects the revelation function of digital art. It becomes meaningful when the individual lives effects others in communities of the Internet age. Even it infects a society unconsciously, and finally achieve resonance.

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